After surviving over a decade of childhood sexual, emotional, and physical abuse I had to re-build my life.  And when there is nobody you can trust, you turn to the One who loves you beyond your comprehension.

I learned that when I allow myself to love and trust God unconditionally and allow Him to guide my path, all is always even bigger and better than I had hoped for, with no stress or conflict.

What we are going through as a country is so much the same as it was for me alone.  God allows challenges in our lives so that we grow into our highest-best selves.  But, when it has been repeatedly demonstrated to us that our highest-best is not possible, our minds begin to buy into it.  So now we have layers of lies binding us to smallness.  The only way to rid ourselves of any small thinking and to correct the atrocities that abound, is to turn to God and give it ALL to Him.

The Great American Spiritual Calvary is structured with different levels of education because we must first understand the purpose of our challenge/education and place ourselves on the correct path of understanding.  Once understanding has been reached, then the equally important step of action must be taken by working your understanding into your daily habits, conversations, and relationships.  Once we take these all-important steps to put God back into His rightful place in our minds and hearts, we WILL achieve victory over oppression and REALLY live FREE, the only way God would have it.

I am grateful for this opportunity to focus on God with you.  When we work together, the path is smoother, the load is lighter, and the outcome is grander than we could ever imagine.   

May God bless the Great American Patriots, for being the first to take the necessary steps back to God, for the benefit of all humankind.  Amen!


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