I'm sick and tired of living in the matrix.  

I'm not sitting around waiting for 

anyone else to fix it.

We have all the tools we need.  

Matrix No More.

I'm a minister.  I'm a business consultant.  

I'm a community strategist. I'm a life-coach.

  I'm an emotional intelligence expert. 

 I'm a Me-Too victim.  I'm a mother. 

 I'm a daughter. 

 I'm an American Entreprenuer.  

I'm nobody to most and somebody to few. 

 I am a winner who escaped personal 

mind-manipulation and

 I'm ready to break free from this life-matrix.

The Awakening has happened. 

 It is now our mission to walk through the 

door to escape and freedom. 

 Matrix No More.

I help people, businesses, organizations, and communities  see clear of the limiting thinking that is causing a disruption in your person, your families, and our communities.

I help people by pressing all issues against the truth of God to chart a path of growth and success. 

I help people work together, for the benefit of all.

-The Gardener USA

I am currently working with Miracle USA Professional Business Network in the creation of Cynosure New World Collective, 

 providing growth and strategy assistance to community

 influencers and government, for the sake of our communities. 

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