I am here to help anyone interested in

 re-creating the American Standard by utilizing their negative emotions for positive action and achievement in all areas of their lives, and by doing so, re-building the American Standard across our Families, Communities, States, and Nation.

Individual Energy Transformation and Business Transformation  are my specialties.

Please join me in Miracle USA's Project L.I.F.E. 

 and help me  and the other Miracle USA Affiliates change the course of history!




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About The Gardener

Kimberly Czachorowski "The Gardener" is Founder of Miracle USA Professional Business Network and acts as Primary Corporate Strategist, assisting businesses in achieving maximum performance, effectiveness, and revenue through corporate coaching and Workshops combined with  her Miracle USA Community Connections Grass-Roots Marketing Systems.  Although Kimberly's programs are highly effective across all industries, locations, and sizes, Kimberly's current focus is on community-level businesses as this will assist our economy in the most positive fashion.

Kimberly utilizes all her years of personal  experiences and education as Ordained Minister; Emotional Intelligence Coach/Trainer; Humanitarian,; Student/Teacher of The Course In Miracles ; exhaustive research on Universal Consciousness and Metaphysics; and un-dying faith and love for humankind to create a  unique method of assisting individuals in harnessing the powerful negative emotions  and turning them into positive, individual and community concentrated actions .   

To assist in our transformation, Kimberly has launched a public movement "Project L.I.F.E." through the Miracle USA Professional Business Network to bring like-minded people together to make a larger and more effective impact across not only the United States of America, but also  Internationally. Project L.I.F.E. Programs include MUSA University Educational Programs provided by the Miracle USA Educator Affiliates as well as specific Miracle USA Affiliate Packages that provide specific and direct support so badly needed today.  

Kimberly also provides additional assistance to #MeToo Victims through her books "The Beauty of Breaking Free" and "Harnessing The Power of #MeToo".  You can also find blogs and articles within the website.

In response to the increasing negativity concerning the #MeToo topic, Kimberly has also launched a second public movement #MeTooNoMore to bring sexual abuse survivors together to assist them in the energy transformations also.