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We have all been through tough times. Personal and business. And when we have tough times for long periods of time, sometimes we forget what's important. Sometimes we let ourselves believe that taking the easy road is really easier, only to be reminded later that it wasn't, and we knew it wasn't.

That is pretty much where our society is right about now. Taking the easy road. And with so many people taking the easy road, the only alternative they have is to always be looking at things from the "what's in it for me?" perspective. Negative, fearful thinking and actions that get us no where except worse-off.

When I finally got real with myself, I realized I was unhappy because I was suffocating my abilities and my dreams. I made choices. I made a choice for self. I made a choice about what I was unwilling to compromise no matter what. I made a choice to make a commitment to never give up until I attained my dreams. I made a choice to trust in God, maybe for real for the first time in my life. I made a live.

The choices I made led me down paths of learning exercises specifically created for me to attain my dreams, in the way that God would have me do it to benefit Him the most. My dream, my choices, my life. All I had to do was follow the path. Oh, I did make many detours thinking I was in control . Each one of them fell apart to the illusion I was creating for self rather than the truth God was showing me. Learning lessons. Lot's of them.

But finally, once I allowed God to fully operate in my life, was I able to see the sum of the learning experiences and the truth of my life. It's the truth for everyone. It's the key to all personal and business success.

The truth, the key, is that it's not only about you.

No, there is nothing that He ever orchestrates that benefits only one person. When God is in control, he takes all your beautiful dreams and directs you down paths that enable you to be and have far more than you could have ever imagined, because you cannot give what you do not have, and the key is all about giving.

So there you have it. I gave you the key. It's all about giving.

As a testimony to my thoughts, please consider dream has been to create a network of people who are all about helping each other to attain their dreams. Remember my choice to do whatever I had to do to achieve my dream? Well it was the challenge of challenges, but here I am. Just a girl from New Jersey who did what she had to do to get to her dream. You can't give what you don't have right? Well I got through it so I could help you get through it, so we can do it together. Since then I have helped lots of individuals do it and they want to help you too. All we are doing is giving what we have received so that you may do the same.

And it all started with one dream. One beautiful dream. Thank you Lord.