A Prayer Of Forgiveness and Hope

Easter Sunday

April 21, 2019

Friends, as today is a Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I find it pressing upon me to spread the message of Forgiveness and Love.

There are many people who have forgotten the Father, have forgotten His presence and holiness inside themselves. Have forgotten what their intended path was to be on this earth and in their bodies. They have forgotten what the body’s true function is and how to properly use it. And above all, they have forgotten that

 they are loved beyond our human comprehension.

They have forgotten that Jesus Christ was sent to us as an Educator, someone who leads by example of helping others be the best they can be, someone who lives His passion until death. They have forgotten, the education 

of how our Father raised our Brother from death, as an example of His undying love for us and His power that 

He may employ at will.

So today, on the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, I pray to our Heavenly Father to help us bestow forgiveness and love upon those whom have forgotten. For those who act from a place of fear because they have forgotten how much You love us. Lord, I pray that those of us who do remember, they rise above the daily insanity and become one with one-another. I pray that those same people pray together for the power of forgiveness and 

love to rain upon our nation, to help bring even just a glimpse of Him into the eyes, ears, and hearts of those 

who have forgotten. May the power of our prayers pave the way for forgiveness between all, and the remembrance that we are all indeed one. Powerful together and weak apart, help us stand in Your truth 

through remembrance of Your love for us.

Lord, I humbly ask that You help us to remember the importance of having a direct and personal relationship with You. Help us learn through the education You provide us through our challenges. Help us become stronger in the understanding of the tools which You provided us to rise above any type of spiritual challenges and stand in strength, as one, under your direction.

Lord, I pray that together we collectively allow humble and peaceful interactions with others, allowing the power You have bestowed upon us to be delivered to those in need in a manner which would honor You. I pray that our power, much like a bright lantern in the dark night, shine into the communities across our country day and night, providing direction and support for all those who wish to remember.

And Lord, thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving all my brothers and sisters. Thank you for giving each of us a small piece of puzzle to call our own, with all the authority to turn that into a magnificent work of art. Thank you for providing us the challenges we need in order to learn what we need to learn to get to the next level of miracle You have provided us. Thank you for helping us shine Your light upon our nation. Thank you for instilling a small piece of You inside each of us to share with one another.

In Remembrance of Your Holiness and Love for myself and all my brothers and sisters, Amen