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The Enemy. It’s everywhere you turn. It has become part of your every-day routine. It has become part of your work, your family, your home, and worst of all…. your mind. The enemy is insidious. Creeping, crawling, grasping, hiding. The enemy is always there, looking for an opening to spread its disease into every aspect of your life.

The Enemy would have you hate your neighbor, break up relationships, break up families, cause sickness, cause destitution. The Enemy brings you to a place where you believe there is no place to turn, no hope, no love, no happiness.

The Enemy engaged in its pre-meditated murderous plot centuries ago, on a long-term initiative to infiltrate the minds, habits, and lives of man. It has been hiding as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, slowly but surely causing reliance on things that will never have the ability to help you out of the deep, dark, trance that you may or may not know you are in. Offering solutions that have no value. Leading you down the rabbit hole of deception, to only find yourself in a place worse-off than when you started. This is the Enemy’s intention. This is how the Enemy works.

But, the Enemy has serious flaws. Its flaw is our acknowledgement of its presence. Its flaw is that feeling, deep in the pit of your stomach that something is there that does not belong. Its flaw is our realizing we have the ability to make a different choice, one that provides long term benefit across every aspect of your life; work, home, family, self. Its flaws are so deep and persistent because it knows it can’t progress, and will even egress, at the slightest acknowledgement of its presence because it cannot survive in the element of hope, love, and happiness.

So, the question then becomes where to turn, when the Enemy has so skillfully infiltrated every aspect of our lives that it’s mechanisms have become “normal.” The answer is to look for those who have already identified its presence and chose to make a different choice. The answer is turning to the people who have created a place of safety and trust with alternatives to the “normal” way of doing things. The answer is allowing those who have battled the enemy internally and externally, to give you the strength and conviction needed to make the different choice.

The enemy is smart. It knows our greatest strength is in our communities. But we are smart too. That’s why Miracle USA does what it does. That’s why Miracle USA was created. It’s the different choice. It is the mark of safety and trust, built by the people who acknowledged its presence and chose to make a different choice, with foundations resembling the roots of a tree driven far into the earth for strength and endurance. Sure, it’s about business and non-profit organizations with us, but that is what makes the hearts of communities beat. It’s what gives communities the hope that things are getting better. It brings the spark of recognition needed to make things better. One person, one business, one non-profit, one community at a time. That’s what it takes, and we are bringing it to whomever so chooses to believe that YOU really are the miracle you have been waiting for all along.

Together, ALL Things Really ARE Possible.