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Remember the days when you woke up in the morning, feeling as if there was nothing in this world from holding you back from your destiny? Remember waking up with all the vigor and enthusiasm needed to bring whatever your personal desires to fruition would require? Remember the feeling of accomplishment of a hard days work? Remember the feeling of pride about your accomplishments? Remember how that made you feel. Remember how that feeling made you act. Were you not more positive, more uplifting to others and yes, more loving and understanding to people in general?

Were you not more prone to hold the door, smile at a stranger, or help a friend? Were you not in a better mood when you got home at the end of the day, with more energy to devote to your family? Did you not sleep well knowing you did your best today and looked forward to tomorrow?

As you envision this for yourself, think about your personal circle of family and friends. Can you even imagine how things would be if even your small-ish group of family and friends felt the same way you do? Can you imagine the daily interactions and exchanges of friendship, love, consideration, and cooperation? Can you extend that feeling outward, to imagine an entire community, state, region, or nation?

Now I want you to consider the rise of the United States of America. As we broke new ground again and again, we were supported and driven by throngs of individuals who woke up the way I described above every day, ready to create a new land of freedom and prosperity. Now think of what that really, really took. Do you think this effort could have been made by a handful of individuals, or did it take communities of people together with their collective strengths to make it happen? You got it. They had to work together to make it happen. This is what American Patriotism is all about. Pure and Strong. This here is the true essence of the United States of America. This is what we come from. These are our roots. This is who we are. We planted, watered, and harvested the seeds of America’s dreams…together…for freedom and prosperity for all.

Fast-forward to today. I bet you can’t even remember the last time you woke up feeling alive. Get up, go to work, come home, kids, struggles paying the bills, general feeling of unhappiness, drudgery, depression, broken relationships, negative thinking, and lack of energy is what I hear people talking about every single day. Every. Single. Day. We spend so much time watching TV, on the computer, and slaves to the cell phones. Now let’s see….Bored, depressed, broke... TV, Computer, Cell Phone. Yup, seems like a match. When your only influence is from “the sea of technology” what happens to the rest? What influence do you have in your own life? Whose values and ideas are causing you to take them as your own, only to find yourself in this place of dis-satisfaction? Believe me, if you were living the life you were meant to, dis-satisfaction wouldn’t even exist in your dictionary.

So then that leads one to wonder who is tending the fields of the dreams that our predecessors so diligently planted, watered, and harvested season after season. Where do you find an abundance of people all working together to achieve a common goal? Oh, I know! I see it…sometimes. In times of absolute disaster. That’s when we all remember our patriotism and come out to help each other. And when we engage, we engage in a very big way. But when it’s over, we all go home. Back to the TV, computers, and cell phones.

Excuse me?!? Why is that?

In a land built upon dreams for the freedom and prosperity of all, why is it that we do not fully participate in being all that we can be for ourselves and others every single day? Why does Patriotism have to wait for a disaster? We live in the United States of American my friends. We have freedoms that nobody in the entire world has. We have opportunities that nobody in the entire world has. And day after day, technology sucks us in. And we do nothing. Nothing but sit back and complain, expecting someone else to make everything right for us. Guess what? There is not one single person who can do that for even one individual much less an entire nation!

So today I challenge you to consider who you are, where you came from, and what you are going to do with the rest of your life. Are you going to be "Missing in Action" or "Made in America?" Are you going to participate in the Patriotism of the United States of America with those few who work so hard to keep it alive every single day? Are you going to acknowledge your lack of personal responsibility to uphold the values and freedoms so diligently and tirelessly upheld throughout the centuries? Are you going to allow the dreams of the American Patriots to rot and die? Or are you going to get up off your rump, turn off the technology, and actively seek how you can become the best you can be so you can contribute to the whole so that the United States of America becomes the best it can be?

And let me just tell you friends. An all-out effort is required here. From all of us. Do not be dis-illusioned. We are most definitely in crisis. There may or may not be a flood, fire, or other natural disaster. There may or may not be an obvious horrific display of hatred we must come up against. But make no mistake about it. We have a serious crisis and it’s going to take all of the Patriotism each one of us can muster to get through it. But just like our ancestors, we need to do it together.

The time has come to make a choice. Made in America? Missing In Action? Your personal choice will impact the world. Please choose wisely.

When you are ready, join me and many others who chose “Made In America.” We need you and whatever your personal strengths are. Every void must be filled. It does not matter what you currently do. We all have something that is our own special strength. Join me at Miracle USA Professional Business Network. That’s where we take each individual’s strengths and join it to the whole. We are working hard to bring people together, with a common goal of freedom and prosperity through personal attainment, and we need all the help we can get.

We are tilling the fields, and planting and watering the seeds.

We are getting ready for the Second Harvest of the American Patriots!

We hope you join us.

God bless America!