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The history of Thanksgiving tells many stories rich in gratitude across several countries. Each story tells of feasts of gratitude for safety and abundance. Our own Nations history includes the gratitude of safe arrival and abundant harvests.

Each story has two common, underlying factors that are easily over-looked as we come to focus on our individual blessings and the commercialism of the day. Each story has a basic message of people coming together for the benefit of all, with safety and abundance apparent and celebrated. These stories are not of one person or group, but of entire communities of people working for the betterment for all.

Each story also invites one to understand that each celebration of gratitude was the culmination of the success of the community over some type of crisis. These stories all celebrate the safety and abundance of a community of people united to overcome a difficulty, and succeeding.

Today, our world shakes with scandals and horrors. Many are fearful of what is next. Many look back on the past with sadness and grief. Too many. Far too many. Division of community is escalating at an alarming speed, seemingly beckoning increased and continued chaos rather than beckoning community

 participation and peace.

My Thanksgiving prediction is of the arrival of the “Second Harvest.” A time where citizens unite in common interest to overcome an issue, just have we have achieved many times in the past. My prediction is one of enlightenment and hope gained by the masses for the outpouring of love and peace rather than war and destruction. My prediction heralds a refocusing from negative to positive, an epic transformation of understanding of how to peacefully negate the chaos, and success of our national and global community which leads us to the celebration of Thanksgiving of our attainment of safe arrival and abundant harvests once again.

God always provides the solution to our problems, 

if we choose to see it and utilize it for all the potential blessing it provides.  

 God Bless America! 

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