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The strength (success) of a small business has a lot to do with how you have put things together, yes. It is important to connect with the right people, yes. It is important to honor your community through employment opportunity provision and non-profit/community contribution, yes. Yes, all these things are very necessary for a business to become successful.

But, more important than any of those things, is YOU. I have literally talked to thousands of business owners over the years and there is one thing that protrudes itself far more than any other problem, and that is the mindset of the business owner about him/her self. The stories I hear about why the business is in trouble range from government, to taxes, to employee issues, to management issues, to marketing issues, to money issues, and on and on and on. But, these “stories” are simply a disguise to the real problem. The REAL problem is YOU. Sorry if you get mad about that, but that’s the truth and we don’t have time for me to stroke your hair until you hear what I am saying. We need to get back to basics ASAP and the only way that is going to happen is if you WAKE UP NOW.

And now you ask what are the basics? Before I do that, please let me remind you of the days when you woke up, feeling alive and ready for the adventure of your day. Remember the dream you had about the what, how, and why of your new business. Remember the energy of hope and inspiration. You were a miracle in action whether you know it or not. Literally a miracle unfolding before you as you woke and worked each day. But always, and I do mean always, every suffering business owner lost that hope, inspiration, and drive somewhere along the way. And so many want-to-be business owners who are toiling along the trail hang on to their dreams for dear life, but lost that hope, inspiration, and drive somewhere along the way too.

Now the basics. Small business/community business basics that have been lost along the way are the key to unlocking not only your businesses strength, but also your personal strength. Small businesses that serve up to a 50 mile radius have special responsibilities that bigger businesses can’t carry. Small businesses carry the responsibility of the economy and the health of the community, and deep community involvement is crucial for strength. Our community economic system is nothing more than community buying and selling within the community and employing the community. The more the members of the community work together and help one-another, the stronger the community.

Basic business starts with YOU. You have to re-discover the why, what, and how’s about your business. Go back to the original plan and review it. It was a miracle, and miracles include challenges to get you to the next-level miracle. What were the core drivers for you? What about those plans were you absolutely unwilling to compromise on? Once you discover that, then you have something to work with. Review those plans. Review what has happened since then, both on the business side of things and the personal side of things. Do you feel the same way? Does your core driver need to be adjusted? It is important to consider what is important to YOU, NOW. This review must be fresh, current, and forward-thinking. And this plan needs to be considered first from your core driver, and second from looking at how you can integrate into your community. The more you feed your community, the more they feed you back. The more focus on community-centric business building you have, the more you will grow. You can call this marketing, but when we do that, our simple minds revert back to business thinking and loose the content on this one. Let’s call it The Community Awareness Factor.

Now back to YOU. By merely going through the steps above, you will begin the re-set of your dream and begin working towards your miracles arrival. You will find that opening your arms to your community and becoming active with the community members will begin to break down the many fears that have been holding back the success of your business and your personal success. Giving and receiving must go hand in hand. If one stops, so does the other. Then you have a blockage. All this non-communication, and I mean all that techie stuff, is killing us. Put it down, open the door, and begin healing not only your business, but yourself and your community. We need each other. That’s just how it works. Why fight it?

God Bless America.

#Together, ALL Things Are Possible