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All it takes is a little inspiration, a little motivation, and a little assistance from those who are committed to your dream to achieve sustainable community success.

The Gardener; Spokesperson for Miracle USA, Enterprise Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach

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Introducing the "Four R's" Community Success Program

Step One: Re-Wire

For owners and top-level executives

Every successful businessperson has one thing in common: They identify their goals, purpose their goals, and create a foundation which supports the long-term sustainability of those goals.

The Re-Wire Step brings The Gardener to you, to assist you in determining your goals, why you have them, and how to successfully build your foundation to achieve those goals.

Oftentimes business owners say that once they review their goals from a community standpoint, they discover a whole new way of attracting customers....and profits!

Step Two: Re-Group

For all executive positions

Once you complete the Re-Wire step, it is essential to begin focusing all key executives into the proper mindset so that they can analyze processes and systems to ensure they are correctly aligned.

The Gardener helps your key-level executives focus on the purposes and the passions behind your goals, while bringing the purpose and passion back to life in them as well! This energy places the processes in alignment with the passion for an explosive combination!

Your key-level executives are the primary people who keep your staff motivated, appreciated, and on-point with your direction. Customer Service? Sales?  It all starts right here at this level.  

Step Three: Re-Train

For all mid-to-entry level employees

Now that you have worked through steps one and two and have all decision-makers thinking and departmental processes in alignment with your goals, it's time to focus down on the employees who make it all possible.

The mid-to-entry level employees are YOUR face, YOUR voice, and YOUR actions.  It is imperative that they grasp the new passion and energy you are giving them and embrace it, so they may give it to your clients, customers, and vendors.

During the Re-Train step, The Gardener will help your employees see how the changes are effecting them in a positive way, and how they can add their own personal passion to yours to "own" the job they do!

Employees always have difficulty with change, yet the ability to properly orchestrate lasting change is paramount to business success.  Once your employees find their own passion and commitment in assisting you in achieving your dreams...well let's just say customer service and sales will never be the same!

Step Four: Re-Ignite!

For everyone

By the time you have completed the three previous steps, it's quite certain that your business has reached a whole new level of success.  You and your employees are engaged, committed, and loyal to each other and your clients, customers, and vendors.

But, we have to remember, that outside of work there are tons of situations where there is little ability to be passionate about what you do and why you do it, and plenty of people who are jealous that you have something they don't.  That's why we bring the fourth and final step: Re-Ignite!

Re-Ignite! is a great way to continue the motivation for you and your troops. The Gardener reminds us of our bottom line values, desires, goals, and dreams while inspiring us to be all that we can be in all situations at all times!  Sometimes the fire just needs a little fuel....Re-Ignite! with a Keynote Address from The Gardener!