The #MeToo Misconception

We live in a world full of unfortunate situations that happen to all of us. Some seemingly insignificant, others monumental and earth-shattering. And, what would seem insignificant to one, may be earth-shattering for another. There really is a vast scope of response, and it is based on each individuals experience and internal make up.

When one perceives a monumental and earth-shattering experience, there are a good deal of emotions that come up in the name of fears which effect many different aspects of the victims life such as self-esteem; confidence; safety; which manifest into problems such as familial issues; financial issues; relationship issues; health issues, and so on. Depending on the level of perceived monumental and earth-shattering experience one could very well, without proper attention to their emotional health, fall into a void of depression which further exasperates the situation.

As a woman who has experienced long-term childhood sexual, emotional, and physical abuse myself, I can certainly identify and validate this unfortunate outcome experienced by many. And, through my years of focusing on overcoming my emotional issues caused by this unfortunate situation, I realized that the issues that I was dealing with were not issues exclusive to #MeToo victims. This is the #MeToo Misconception.

Now, as a Emotional Intelligence Expert; Minister; Energy Transformation Specialist; and Author I find the severity of the emotional impact that ANY perceived monumental and earth-shattering experience causes is the same emotional insecurities as #MeToo. Of course there are varying degrees and I am not a doctor, but if one was to stand back and look at our people as a whole, one could very easily see that there are many people who have disregarded the need of maintaining their emotional health. With that, of course, we would also experience an uprising of negativity, caused by the collective mis-management of self. And unfortunately, that’s what is happening today.

This problem has manifested itself into a very big problem. This problem has been nurtured by our environments. Creators were not responsible, and created things based out of fear, casting their own fears into the unsuspecting millions of people on our planet. When people leave the emotional equation out of their lives, it becomes very easy for others to manipulate those emotions. And unfortunately, not everyone is concerned about your personal well-being.

Fortunately however, there is always a solution to every problem, as one cannot exist without the other. The nature of opposites, if you will. When you break down the emotions caused by the scenario of any perceived monumental and earth-shattering experience and examine the underlying causes, it always comes back to a lack of trust. That lack of trust effects every area of our lives. We feel out of sorts, confused, unsure of direction, and think of judgement and negativity. The problem is that when we feel this way we are so familiar with the feeling that we have come to believe it is normal. It’s NOT NORMAL.

The solution exists within each one of us. Those who have experienced monumental and earth-shattering experiences are not to be seen as those with “issues” but with “solutions.” Emotional energy is very strong, to the degree of having the ability to dictate outcomes. Those who choose to not maintain their emotional health by seeking and solving the root of any type of judgement or negativity are those who are bringing the negative emotional energy to the table. The ones who are working through those emotions and bringing about positive action as a result are bringing positive emotional energy to the table. Energy transformation is absolutely essential in our world right now. Those of you who are fearful or afraid to look at those emotions and deal with them are fostering, even assisting, an increase of negativity which is reaching epic proportions.

The problem is, is that you don’t perceive yourself as the solution. You don’t perceive yourself as having any value. Quite the contrary however. Those who have experienced monumental and earth-shattering experiences which have caused a negative mindset in any way, actually have the power to change the world.

Those painful emotions are incredibly powerful. And negative situations are only negative situations for as long as we allow them to remain that way. Once you understand that by turning your attention to others who have experienced similar things and begin working to help others, and begin working towards a positive and uplifted mindset, everything will change. You see, it doesn’t matter where you think you are in life, there is always someone who you can help. There is always, always someone who needs your wisdom, your view, your personal experience, and the trust-by-experience you can provide someone. By working in this way, dealing with your own painful emotions gets much easier.

It is my belief that God has given us the solutions to our problems through the identification and acceptance that we have become lackadaisical  about our own personal emotional health. It is God’s intention for all his children to live in peace and happiness. Positive thinking, positive actions, positive situations are what 

IS NORMAL. Anything else is a bad dream, a monumental or earth-shattering experience, a move in the wrong direction. 

 If it does not FEEL positive then its NOT NORMAL.

It’s time to break the #MeToo Misconception! Join me! #MeTooNoMore #ProjectLIFE

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