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In 2015 I dedicated myself and my life to God, because as a Me Too victim, I found that I just couldn't figure out how to get my life out of the negative cyclical patterns.  No matter what I did, similar situations kept coming back to me and back to me.  All areas of my life were effected.  Home and Family.  Friends. Work, Health and Fitness.  Financial.  Every time I turned around there was always something else dragging me down and beating me over the head.

I struggled for years.  There was nobody to talk to.  Those I did talk to really couldn't help because they had never experienced the type of  confusion of self that I was experiencing.  I walked through my many "fields of fear," alone.  

And that's why I am here.  By the end of my journey I  finally realized that it really didn't need to be as difficult as I made it.  I also realized that although there are other social, communication, and emotional aspects to our particular situation that require a different type of attention, that the same path can be walked by anyone who is suffering from any type of negative situations.

One of the biggest difficulties as a Me Too victim to overcome is not learning how to overcome it, but re-learning core thoughts and using them in every-day situations. So first, I encourage you to sign up  for the Energy Transformation Workshops.   Then,  join me on my Private Facebook Page.  I decided that my using the page like a journal, explaining the whys and hows of my decisions and actions, would be the best way I could help the maximum number of people.  And the private page makes it a safe place to share for everyone.  Participation is encouraged.

Do you realize that God made everything with an exact opposite?  Black/white; up/down; right/left; day/night.  Same thing with emotions and energy.  Negative/positive; curse/blessing.  Get it?!? What we experienced is so horrifically emotionally painful, that those responponsible did not hurt us, they actually blessed us with a power more amazing than anthing I have yet to experience!  If you can grasp that, learn the techniques, and have a place to communicate with others that have had similar experiences as you, there is NO REASON you can't have a beautiful, loving, inspiring, peaceful life beginning today.  Why wait?

If you are here, it's time.  I am waiting for you!  Just like a Patriot, no soldier will be left behind!  Not on my watch!  

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