Miracle, USA?

Patriots Unite!  Join the Revolution!

It's Time to Show The World What We Are Made Of!

What It's All About!?!

Right now, today, our country and our planet ar​e being torn apart with varying degrees of negative energies.  These negative energies  effect us all in a multitude of ways and through a multitude of mediums.  These energies attach themselves in

 our minds and in our hearts, and are expressed as our emotions through our thinking, communications, and actions. 

 And, right now, our country and our planet are severely unbalanced  energetically.  We are in a very serious situation.  

Please read on for deeper understanding.

When we think, communicate, and act through negative emotions, we each emit an energetic frequency which is an

 exact match to our emotions.  And, this energy acts like a magnet and attracts situations to us which mirror the negative energy.

  This creates a cyclical cause-and-effect type of pattern which keeps us locked into a negative frequency pattern, which in turn effects every area of our lives.

Just like negative emotions, positive emotions also emit an energetic frequency which returns an exact match.  And fortunately, 

there is also a blessing beyond the horror of our situation, and it's all the power we need to re-balance the energy and 

begin churning positive situations.  And this can be done immediately, with a by-product far greater and far more powerful 

than any produced through  negative energy.  In fact, the power of positive emotions is far greater than the power of negative emotions, which means that few can save many.

What can YOU do you say?

It all starts with each persons willingness to transform the powerful negative emotions into positive thinking, communicating, 

and acting.  All it takes is  some internal work to get connected to what is really important to you.  Then we just focus all of our intentions in the most positive fashion on the outcome you would like to experience.  Adding in a willingness to work 

"belly-to-belly" with others rather than exclusively through electronic or social media means is required.  Once we begin

 the process of letting go of the old and allowing the new, you will quickly realize that it is by working together with

 others that we achieve the greatness we want and deserve.

Today I call out all American Patriots to join in this Energetic Transformation Revolution!  Today I challenge you to work 

through the workshops I have provided and to begin using the tools I am giving you to keep your head up and in the game. 

 Today I challenge you to recognize that you have the power within yourself to change not only your life, but the lives of 

people all around the world.  Today I challenge you to use all your God-given strength, creativity, and tools that no other

 country in this world has  the freedom to use for the  benefit of not only yourself but our country and our planet.   

What say you?  Can I count you in?

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