Let's GO #MeToo'ers!  We have work to do!


I also have a story, but that’s another story. I am here to talk to you about something else.

Listen, I know it’s been horrible and exhausting having all this emotional buildup of energy

going on inside of you from having your most intimate and vulnerable self denigrated. I know. I know.

But there is another responsibility that we have, that extends far beyond the responsibility of carrying the weight of our experiences. We have a responsibility to recognize the energy explosion we have created as

a result of letting all this out. Yes, it is absolutely necessary that this happens, the energy must be released. However, how neglectful would we be to not recognize that we are responsible for a tremendous amount

of negative energy release, that has the ability to flow to and through not only this cause, but also across

everything around us?

Right now, our world is out of balance. Negativity is pervading our planet at record speeds. We must become aware of this issue immediately, and work together to begin harnessing this power into positive energy, actions, and words. This group, we could never estimate its size, it’s going to take a long time for everyone to let it out. But just look at it today!

So today I call out my fellow brothers and sisters who carry my responsibility with me. I seek all who are ready, all who are able, to begin the process of the #SecondHarvest 2018. There are many guides. Follow me, follow another, it matters not. The important part is that you start NOW!

I'm looking to ring in that 2018 New Years Bell with 100,000 strong! Whose with me?!?

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e-book "Harnessing The Power of #MeToo"

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