Take The Middle Road

Taking the middle road is not as horrible, scary, or disastrous as one might believe.  It does not hurt you, it does not hurt your family, it takes nothing away that is genuinely yours.

In fact, taking the middle road is a rather enlightening experience, and it is littered with many a small blessing and miracles along the way.

At first one might choose to take the middle road for the misplaced thought of benefit of riches, thought to be earned by obedience, but soon one sees that the choice of taking the middle road has far greater benefits than money, although that's included too.

The blessings and miracles you experience while walking along this road lead to a better understanding of yourself, better family and external relationships of all kinds, better focus, better health, and overall better outlook on the possibilities and opportunities surrounding you for you to achieve abundance in ALL areas of your life.  And, this is regardless of which state you find yourself, your community, or your nation in at the moment.

Taking the middle road is a walk of peaceful acknowledgement that we are who we have been all along.  We are loving, peaceful, kind, helpful, forgiving, and non judgemental at our core.  It is the very essence of our internal being, regardless of the position we stand on at this very moment.  And it is in you, still, even if you feel that you have done things which caused negative outcomes, did something shameful, did something illegal, or anything of that nature.  Once you acknowledge that the goodness in you, that has been there all along, has never left you and that you have been forgiven if you so have asked, then just a simple acknowledgement of any size is an opening big enough to allow for correct thinking and vision to be restored.

As I illustrated above, right now our nation is divided.  Everyone wants what they want and they are fighting one another for dominance and control.  There are millions of people divided into  two separate camps.  Each camp, with each argument, increases the level of negative energy.  And we are participating in an epic negative tail-spin which has been caused by our individual lack of memory of our true essence.  We are attacking.  Emotional sabotage is glaringly apparent, and this causes the remembrance of our essence to become farther and farther away.  

However, the middle road is right between them, with peace and understanding holding strong amidst the negative chaos.  One might wonder how it remains, how it does not get squashed out of existence between the all-powerful negative energies of our divided camps.  Is it that there are more people on the middle road than the divided camps?  No, unfortunately that is not the case.  The reason it remains is because the peaceful middle road, with it's positive energy derived from simple acknowledgement of its existence, is tremendously more powerful than any other energy.  More powerful than a nuclear explosion.

As the Gardener, I know you would not be reading this if you were not meant to read it.  Something inside you is calling you to peace, love, understanding.  Right now maybe just a tiny seed of awareness is there.  Don't be afraid.  I was, and I found out there is nothing to fear.   Water the seed.  Allow it to grow.  Soon, you will have stepped onto the middle road, and you WILL be safe there.  The positive power of the middle road will keep you safe.  The others on the middle road will help you work together with the rest as we are meant to.  Together, we will remain a shining example to the negative energies of our world of what they are,  and peacefully and joyfully light the way to their inevitable acknowledgement of their own essence.

Miracle USA was created to be the trademark of our shining example.  #TogetherALLThingsArePossible is so very, very true.  As nothing more than a sum of it's parts, Miracle USA is here to help you connect with others so that together, we shine our lights brighter and brighter for all to see.  We are waiting for you.  We will be right here as soon as you are ready.

God Bless America.  Amen!