Today my friends we are faced with the greatest lesson of all time. A lesson so great, so important, that our decision to allow the understanding or not is also the decision on the fate of all humanity.

Although this conversation is indeed about returning to our Heavenly Father who created us, this conversation is more intended to enlighten you on the tools that have been given to us to use to reclaim our holiness and to deal with the war of principalities and all the countless victims this war has created.

There is a secret that has been very well kept throughout the centuries. This secret is what has been used to create this inevitable war between principalities, where the good people of this earth are the prize. This secret is the most powerful tool there is, and it is left to each individual to accept or deny the reality of this information.

Before I tell you this secret, I need to remind you of a couple of things. Our Father in Heaven created each of us with boundless love and creativity. Being of Him, we each carry this boundless love and creativity as well, with His intention for each of us to use these things to bring love and beauty to ourselves and others. Our abilities are without limit and the paths of our lives are created moment by moment with constant attention to what we have chosen to create. Our Father in Heaven has given us all these wonderful options with the freedom to choose what will be created.

The secret I am going to share with you here was not always a secret. From the beginning we fully understood and followed the beautiful path this secret allowed us to create, without it being a secret at all. However from the beginning, we have also been led astray by the fallen angel, the one who took what once was known as the ever-guiding light of creation and love and used the secret to create a reality where he becomes more important and more desirable than our Heavenly Father. That is when the understanding of creation became a secret, for if we understood it fully, then the fallen angel would not have the power over our world as he does today.

When I first share this secret with you, you may at first dispel the validity of the information. This reaction is caused by the deep misunderstanding caused by the fallen one, having used the secret to instill a sub-reality conditioning of thought that was created by him, for the purpose of his never-ending need of power and control. But I have been led by our Father in Heaven to share this secret with you. And this alone tells me you are ready to hear it, to understand it, and to use it in its full power as it was intended to be used.

My friends, Our Father in Heaven would never leave you without the tools you need to be loving and creative because that was His only intention. Our Father is always using these tools to bring our attention back to their existence, and to Him who created you. He uses the evil sown by the fallen one to bring about enlightenment of the boundless love and creativity that He provides to us, as an extension of Himself. We may live in a time of opposing polarities, but if you accept the understanding of the tool, you will accept the greatest gift from our Father in Heaven there is; Love and creativity always and in all ways.

This tool I am speaking about is energy. Simple understanding about energy and the impact it causes, for good or evil.

Everything in this world, in this universe, is energy. Absolutely everything is made of energy. Energy is made up of many different frequencies, and each different frequency brings an expected resulting outcome of more of itself.

Long ago I did not understand this idea. I was so indoctrinated into the thoughts of organized religion and the good-hearted education provided by my family and those whom I loved and looked up to that the thought of my having the ability to have a choice of love and creation without guilt and fear created guilt and fear! I felt guilty as though I was going against our Father in Heaven and I feared the retribution which would be unleashed on me as judgement by our Father in Heaven. As you can see this is a paradox in thinking which is very obvious if you can get over the fear of judgement you have been taught would come to realize the paradox exists. Crafty indeed.

I had warning signs. At first, it was wrapped in guilt and fear. Once I committed myself to living only in our Father in Heaven’s way is when I allowed myself to understand the warning signs. Something inside me, something I could never explain correctly, just did not sit with me correctly. Something inside always made me feel that there was more. More happiness, more success, more love. Something inside me told me that the things I was witnessing were just not right. 


Fortunately, maybe due to my age, all the new things that came about with technology were never as exciting to me than for others. Don’t get me wrong, I use all those things every day. We just have to at this point. But the attitudes, disintegration of communication, the loss of that person to person connection, and the ability for people to project stories and other things that were inaccurate to the actual situation or people is crazy making if you ask me. We have the ability to create for sure, but the basic human essentials are not to be what are re-created for someone else’s benefit. A complete erosion of trust with growing fear accompanied by guilt is all this new stuff has created.

And one final note about all this new stuff. These things had capitalized on our attention and became the tool which the fallen one utilized for mass brainwashing. And, our children know of nothing different. Since my age group failed to see the illusion being created, we have inadvertently exposed our children to full brainwashing techniques. They have never had the opportunity to live without it. They are confused. They are angry. And they have a full-on war going on to indoctrinate their minds, and bodies. This is not okay with me.

As we progress through the discovery of the rabbit holes to full understanding of exactly what we have been brainwashed either to believe or disregard, the understanding of the secret becomes most imperative. As I mentioned earlier, the energy that is inherent in every single thing brings back to it the same frequency of energy. First, you will think about all the negative energy and how it has enveloped your mind, your daily routine, your words, and your actions. Then anger, frustration, and fear come next. The inevitable feeling of helplessness in front of the magnitude of disillusionment is difficult to swallow. Guilt may show up at your door next, because we have literally allowed this to happen. Not on purpose of course, but we allowed it, nonetheless.

At that time, you are going to have to remember really hard that this all is nothing more than the illusion of fear that has been gnawing away at your very being. This is not a time to feel fear or guilt for something someone or something else has worked so long and hard at achieving. To be as our Father in Heaven dictates, we are to love unconditionally. That’s what we did and that’s what they took advantage of through all the hoopla of great technological advances. But what was not created with our Father in Heaven’s blessing will not last. What was created to destroy us will inevitably turn to destroy the creator. But it’s our responsibility, now, to make that happen. And we do that by utilizing the tools that really belong to us. Those are the tools of energy.

Today, as many are awakening to what we are discussing here, many are taking to the technology to express their feelings. Seen as righteous behavior, one does not realize that again we are being led to project negative energy which will inevitably come back to us. The fallen one is dancing in the streets thinking that we are dumb enough not to discover the secret and use it. The fallen one thinks he won already. The rising tides of negativity will ensure his victory. He knows the secret and is using it against us while we think we are doing the right thing. Again.

Of course, we are outraged. Of course, we are upset. Soon, we may even have mass hysteria if what has been hidden is fully exposed. But this all just means it has come time for us all to discover the secret and use it. These are the tools that our Father in Heaven has given us from the beginning of all time. We must be strong. We must use the tools that our Father in Heaven gave to us to move from the Great Awakening to the Great Understanding. We must harness the energy of our thought and feelings, now, to resist and defeat the enemy. This is a war of minds, nothing else. And today, we must realize we have the ability to use these tools that have been used against us for centuries, to overcome the fallen one for once and for all time.

The silent majority must become silent in projecting additional fear and anger. Perhaps that is why we have been referred to as the Silent Majority? I am not saying not to continue to expose. I am saying that your opinion must become silent. Your anger must become silent. Any and all negativity must become silent. First through our words and our actions. Then in our minds. To project these energies, however relevant and true, is giving the fallen one more reason to celebrate. Our projected negativity is what he wants. He knows that it is the slam-dunk from the rim-shot. He knows that we will do his work for him by simply not understanding the secret and using it. We think we have a right to project this negativity because of what has been exposed through the awakening. But that is exactly the final nail in the coffin he is waiting for. Negativity grows and grows until the scales are fully tipped. Then it’s over. The fallen one wins.

What I am asking of you, I know it sounds wrong. I know the last thing you want to do is sit silently while our world is ripped apart. But, I am not asking you to be silent. I am asking only that the negativity become silent. You see, if the secret wasn’t worth being a secret, it wouldn’t be a secret at all. I have only told you half of it so far. I didn’t tell you how to use the secret, only how to keep the secret from working for the fallen one.

But now, I am going to ask you to do something that seems more difficult than silence. I am going to ask you to begin projecting love. Love the bad guys. Can’t muster the feeling? How about you can love them if you know it will be the only thing to save our children? Save our families? Save our communities? Save our countries? Save our planet? I don’t want to hear you cant do it. I don’t want you to believe you can’t do it. If I can so can you. We are all of the same Father in Heaven. What He has, I have, and so do you. It only sounds ludicrous right now. But it is THE secret, the ONLY way we will win. It has been hidden from us because this is the truth and the only truth. Right now, the fallen one thinks he won because he is the only one using the secret. The fallen one and all his followers may be scared right now because they know you are on to all their ways, but they keep going at it because the negative energy that it is projecting is solidifying the unavoidable outcome that they hope for. Unless of course, we choose to use the secret as well. And in all reality, the love is so much stronger than the negativity from an energy standpoint, that it will be super pie easy for us to win while they struggle day after day trying to win with negativity.

So now, what we need to do with every ounce of being we have, is to use this technology to send love. Pictures and memes and articles that evoke love. Love of self. Love of family. Love of our Father in Heaven. Love of our country and planet. Love of success. Love of abundance. Love, love, love. Flip the switch. Turn the problem on its head. Do a complete turn-around and march in the other direction. Spew love. Sing love. Dance love. Write love. Hug love. Show love and be love in any and every way possible. It’s the solution. It’s our win against the fallen one. It’s an orchestration of what our Father in Heaven has ever wanted for us. For us to use the secret He has given us. Many talk about this in self help books and stuff. They are right. But its never intended for just one. It is intended for all.

The children’s sorrows will bring about the world’s success. Our realization of what has happened to our children will be our greatest opportunity to drive out the fallen one, but only if we use our tools. It can also be the fallen one’s greatest opportunity to win. The fallen one is counting on it. From here on out it will be difficult to understand or accept. But I pray that you will find it within yourselves to understand and use this secret. Our Father in Heaven never leaves us without tools. The easiest way to use it is to believe in Him who gave it to us and use it with all the strength and power of mind to use it. The children are the angels to guide us to the secret and our tools. Our failure in learning and using these powers that our Father in Heaven has given us is the disregard to all of His Angels who have endured the wrath of the fallen one. We cannot allow their pain to live forevermore without reason. Lift our Angels by giving love to the enemy and obliterating it forever.

Love. It’s the secret. It’s the only tool we need to overcome the fallen one and return our Father in Heaven to his rightful place, and the people of this planet to share that rightful place with Him.

Father in Heaven, I thank you for the immediate miracle of awakening and understanding for all people. I thank you for the miracle of all people using the tools you gave them. I thank you for the miracle of restored love and peace across our lands. Amen.