The Heart of America is Bleeding for Assistance

Yes, sadly enough, the Heart of America is bleeding for assistance.  The Heart of America can't be found in giant tech conglomerates, giant retail conglomerates,  giant manufacturers or any other "giant" anything.  The Heart of America is dependent on those those types of companies for those types of jobs right now and quite frankly, they just don't cut the cake for the majority of people.

Beyond the continuous financial difficulties, lack of hours, and lack of benefits due to the lack of hours, is the crushing awareness of lack of opportunity to become anything more, outside of the standards set by someone else.  The very essence of being an individual with creativity and intelligence is simply wiped out.  Depression, anger, resentment, and total lack of care about a wide variety of very necessary things is going on out here.

I understand, of course, that our Country is in the midst of some incredible changes right now.  I know we are fighting to keep our feet on the ground.  I know we are trying to maintain whatever status quo may be left.  The problem is, is that the true force of this Country is its people and attention is everywhere EXCEPT where it will make the most impact.  The Nations people having the ability to be all that God created them to be, not drones in a factory or a taken-for-granted employee struggling to survive, is the real answer to Making America Great Again.  Allow the People to be Great and the Country will be Great.  Period.

So here I say to any politician who dares to take on the needs of the people by providing them opportunity to grow to their maximum capacity.....You cant win without us.  We, as a country, cant win without us.  Remember us.  Help us.  Allow entrepreneurial spirits to be released.  We need a few bucks, that's all.  We need less than the deficit amount. less than the cost to build the wall, less than what it will take to  increase our military, or to re-build the infrastructure.  

WE ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  We have already proven our lot.  All we want is the capacity to help ourselves.  The rest will fall into place from that alone.  This Country was built on the hopes, dreams, sweat, and tears of entrepreneurs.  Nothing has changed other than our ability to continue.  The failure of the American People is the failure of your platform, and our Country.

Feed our people the resources they need.  A small donation to the cause is all that is needed.  We can make it grow.  We can take a little a do a lot.  We can help the housing situation, help community-level businesses, and help community-level non-profits.  And by helping those few, we help many.  Bring it.  If you dare.

God Bless America!