The Ultimate Deception

Could it be? Is it possible?

 That perhaps the ultimate deception reaches farther and deeper within our roots than one may imagine?

My friends, please allow me to provide a wake-up call. The greatest deception of all is the horror being instilled in our young children today. Through education and once-upon-a-time well meaning popular non-profit organizations whom I cannot name. Through our children’s favorite pastimes, through our children’s favorite methods of communication, through early work environments, ect. Our children, whom we love with everything we have, are being led into a destination wrought with difficulty and dysfunction. Programmed and predictable behaviors is the plan.

Herein lays the ultimate deception. We are in a spiritual and energetic crisis of certain magnitudes. Our country may be facing economic crisis going forward. Control, manipulate. Predictable behaviors. Restriction where possible with submission required. Wake up my friends. Wake up.

It becomes necessary, even responsible, for each of us who still remember how to live correctly in a respectful, helpful, creative, passionate way to begin to hold strong to our long-nurtured “good ole’ days” thinking and behaviors. We need to allow ourselves the opportunity to live once again, and begin the healing between generations so that all may move forward together, as God intended.

As The Gardener I will make this one prediction, this one understanding said in its in entirety as I am receiving it. “Our world aches with the pain of fear of God, and such leads one through the chaos and hell as one may project it, individually and collectively. Only once you receive the understanding that God loves you fully and begin using that understanding to scaffold your life, things will begin then to change. But in order for that to be completed as God plans, all must work together to achieve the small miracles along the way. Do not be afraid, for I love you and I will be guiding you and walking with you every step of the way.”

Today I call out to all Brothers and Sisters of Christ to join me in PEACEFUL strength. Our concentrated efforts can very well overcome the greatest forces and we are now needed. It has come time to reclaim our freedom, our heritage, our very way of life. It has come time to reclaim our community power for the benefit of our children, our grandchildren, and generations beyond. We need to show them how to do things. We need to show them how to stretch and grow, communicate and educate. We need to show them how life can be.

God has provided each of us with challenges, challenges that assist in your learning process to get you to your desired outcome. It is just as plain, and as simple, as that. However, when we fail to learn from those challenges, we continue to go around and around until we finally get it.

The biggest challenge for everyone is the “how.” Just as God has provided us with challenges, He has also provided us with solutions. He gave us the edge of spirituality and science, just the right blend, under just the right conditions. But unless you seek to find it with all the same gusto as you pour into the technology and drama swirling around our environments, and therefore our heads, all day long, you simply wont find it. You are just too busy looking the other way. So distracted in fact, that everything you love is being destroyed right in front of you and you do nothing.

Allowing all this understanding is a lot to swallow. I know. I am sorry to deliver this to you. But if you are reading it, well, you were meant to. Stay with me here. There is nothing to fear.

First, God loves you. He does not hate you. He does not punish you. He does not make bad things happen to you. You do. His love never changed. Its just that you were led to believe in judgement as your right, your code. When you take control, He looses control. Period. There is absolutely, positively no good reason for anyone to be fearful of God. You know how you got that feeling in the pit of your stomach when I mentioned about our children above? Well that’s how God feels about us. I don’t know about you, but I am as protective and loving as I can possibly be for my children, along with everything that encompasses that. Combine that with the Power of God and everything is possible.

Second, using energy, we can gauge our energy frequency, and literally change the world. As our Father, God would never leave us high and dry without helping us. Today, many actions and behaviors that are detrimental to us have become a habit. Habits are hard to break. Predictable behavior patterns have already been used against us. Spiritual energy, commonly referred to as positive energy, has a very high frequency. This energy manifests easily through love, joy, laughter, creativity, passion, and togetherness. Lower-level energy or negative energy manifests easily through anger, judgement, fear, and isolation. It is important to manage your life in such a way that generates spiritual energy consistently, in whichever way that means for you. It is most beneficial doing so while reducing those things you are over-using that are causing additional distress.

Before presenting the third and final step, it is important to understand the combined understanding of the First and Second points mentioned above. We must remember, that we can choose whatever we want at every moment of every day. Whatever you want, you first have a thought about it. Those thoughts, well they become things. Literally. As our Father, God gives us everything we want. He tries over and over again, through the challenges He provides you as learning experiences, to guide you to do things the way that are most beneficial for you. But we don’t listen. We don’t hear His guidance. We are too busy looking the other way. This creates the vicious cycle we find ourselves in. This is the habit we need to break.

The Third and final step is the process which He gave us to restore our sanity. As our Father, once again God has given us a way to make the transition back to Him easier, less fearful, and far more effective. As God’s Children, we were created as brothers and sisters, family. Family is the symbolism of God, as we are all of one family. He gave each of us our own specialties, but we do share commonalities with others. Those commonalities are the healing and education you need to become better and better. When you share action with others who share commonalities with you, it creates a diversified benefit in your life. Your energy increases. You start learning and applying energy to the things that make your heart sing. You start feeling more positive and uplifted. And that’s just the start!

Friends, it all starts with you, so ditch that thinking that you are worthless, incapable, inefficient, unlovable, or any other “un” you might be projecting upon yourself. Today stand tall, shoulders back, and with certain knowledge that you are a child of God for Heavens sake! There is no problem, no difficulty, no challenge, and no one else’s illusion that can touch you or mislead you when you allow yourself to believe that all you ever wanted, needed, yearned for is just a recognition of God away.

Remember and remain in the Truth of God. The path He has you follow is the path to your freedom, your peace, your sanity, and a positive future for our children.

God Bless America!



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